ExTech s.r.o.

ExTech s.r.o is a software company based in the Czech Republic.
Since our founding in 2001 we are fulfilling the wishes of our customers as an owner-operated company.

During the last 16 years ExTech has developed a system with completely new ideas on space and category management — Quant.

We develop Quant to meet and even exceed our quite considerable requirements to manage space, stock and display. Our aim is to provide complex software system, which is simple, clear, well-structured and comprehensible way to transmit large amounts of complex information.

For years, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients. The company specializes in the development of database analyses and sales data.

This is the result of a constant development: our company acts with highly qualified employees in a business area that constantly sets new demands.

We use the term "true" category management. True category management is an essential process that, when done properly, can determine your level of success in the marketplace.